Rack Grounding

Isolate electrical currents with Rack Grounding kits.

Use a bus bar to ground and isolate electrical currents of rack-mounted equipment.

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Pre-Configured Models

Rack Grounding

Part #DescriptionShip Weight
ARR019IK 19" Relay Rack Isolation Kit 3 lb.
ARRGB Relay Rack Grounding Block 1 lb.
ARRGS Relay Rack Grounding Strap 1 lb.
AGRB019 19" Rackmount Grounding Bar 2 lb.
AGRB023 23" Rackmount Grounding Bar 3 lb.
AGWB010 10" x 4" Wallmount Bus Bar Kit 5 lb.
AGWB020 20" x 4" Wallmount Bus Bar Kit 10 lb.