Customized Products

Have you envisioned the ideal rack design for your data center but don’t see it in our catalog? Would a DAMAC product be a better fit with certain modifications?

Don’t worry — you don’t have to settle for anything less than the exact product for your requirements.

DAMAC started its business back in the 1980s under the premise that no two installations are the same. At that time, freestanding data center enclosures were not the mainstream products they are today, so we designed best-fit solutions for each particular need. We listened carefully to the customer’s requirements and built products to precisely meet those requirements.

At DAMAC, we understand that the smallest details make the difference.

That remains our philosophy today. Standard catalog products won’t work well in every data center - cable routing, power configurations and cooling environments all vary widely. The right cabinet or rack will enhance the data center environment, enabling efficient operations and optimized use of space and cooling.

Data Center Rack Systems:
Key Considerations in Today's High-Density Environments

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The Future is Custom:
A Total Cost of Ownership Approach
To Data Center Infrastructure Design

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At DAMAC, we understand that the smallest details make the difference. Our consultative approach to server rack design enables us to deliver a product that satisfies the needs of the modern, dynamic data center. You should not have to build your data center infrastructure around a standard cabinet and make it work. You want it built your way, on time and within budget, and that’s what we do best.