More than 2,500 different items are manufactured in DAMAC’s 58,000-square-foot manufacturing facility.

But our shop is far more than just an assembly line — it represents DAMAC’s commitment to total customer satisfaction.

We use only the finest materials and best-in-class manufacturing processes to ensure the quality and craftsmanship of our server rack products. Each rack is constructed of top-quality tubular steel using state-of-the-art metal processing equipment. All joints are fully welded, not tack welded like many competing products. An automated powder coating system ensures a high-grade finish. Products are inspected and tested at every step, and carefully packed for shipment using specialized cushioning materials that protect every corner, edge and surface.

Our shop is far more than just an assembly line — it represents DAMAC’s commitment to total customer satisfaction

All DAMAC products meet rigorous standards of quality control, conform to EIA specifications and are backed by a solid 10-year warranty. And because we maintain complete control over the manufacturing process, we are able to provide just-in-time delivery of the strongest, most durable server rack products in the industry.

DAMAC’s catalog features server cabinets, wallmount racks, seismic and thermal management products, power distribution equipment and cable runway systems, all proudly manufactured here in Southern California. By providing our customers with the highest quality manufacturing, rich aesthetics and user-friendly features, DAMAC has become a world leader in data center infrastructure products.

Manufacturing Process

  1. 1 Raw materials are received and fully welded to ensure frame stability.
  2. 2 After the frame has been welded it undergoes QC Checkpoint #1.
  3. 3 Next the frame goes through our in-house powder-coating machine. Frames and accessories can be powder-coated to meet any color requirement.
  4. 4 After powder-coating, the frame undergoes QC Checkpoint #2
  5. 5 Next the rack goes to our assembly area where doors, sides, tops, and accessories are assembled.
  6. 6 After assembly the rack undergoes QC Checkpoint #3
  7. 7 Once the rack has passed inspection it enters the shipping area. All racks are bolted to large pallets to ensure quality during shipping. Foam corners, boards, etc. are also added. Custom packaging is available to meet customer requirements.